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There are not any immediate flights, and vacationers must hook via Riga or Helsinki.

What’s the easiest way traveling between St Petersburg and Tallinn?

  • Jet: This will be an extended and convoluted quest, and seats are not excessively cheap
  • Practice: The Baltiskii Express moves between Moscow and Tallinn via St Petersburg in less than 8 hours. Safe cabins of differing courses, not too expensive entry
  • Bus: how to travel. Coaches are built with all features, tourist-friendly, and very cheap. A lot of daily departures, therefore the quest takes between 7 – 9 several hours
  • Ferry: Direct route limited from St Petersburg to Tallinn, using 14 hrs instantaneously. Lavish compartments offered, a lot of on-board enjoyment. Rather expensive, but worthwhile considering for a particular affair

St Petersburga€™s location throughout the Finnish Gulf, with all the Baltics and Scandinavia in close proximity, is great for those people that desire to visit several metropolises during their travel. One common regional resort is actually Tallinn, the administrative centre town of Estonia. Within several hours, vacationers can swap the palatial brilliance of Russiaa€™s northern funds for any medieval cobbled avenue and imposing spires of Tallinn. There are a number of strategies to travelling between your two capitals, whatever the choice – relaxing on a comfy sleeper practice, a well-equipped mentor journey through Russian and Estonian countryside, or a tranquil sail throughout the Finnish Gulf. Continue reading in regards to our guide to your trips choice.


You are able to fly between Tallinn and St Petersburg, but this might be in no way probably the most convenient or affordable technique of transport.Despite the distance of these two locations, there are no drive routes. Vacationers has to take a connecting trip via either Helsinki or Riga, with a total journey period of at least 3 many hours and half an hour. As soon as you element in travel for you personally to the airport at both stops additionally the obligatory wishing opportunity within airport itself, their journey is going to be close to 7 days longer – and most certainly not anxiety free!In the event you need to fly, the least expensive one-way trip in spring will surely cost $67, with summer aircraft around $100. Flights with Air Baltic (via Riga) or Finnair (via Helsinki) offer shortest move circumstances.


Photograph by Baltiskii Express from Moscow to Tallinn are a brand new and contemporary rail solution, operating since 2015. They phone calls at St Petersburg en route to their location, with a journey time of between 7 and 8 days from St Petersburg to Tallinn. Edge regulation is done during the trip, very passengers are not necessary to leave the train.The Baltiskii present operates once everyday between St Petersburg Moskovsky Station and Tallinn Baltic Station, in both central stores, which makes for a hassle-free departure. This service membership leaves Tallinn into the later part of the day and comes in St Petersburg before midnight, therefore the return journey departs from St Petersburg in the early early morning and comes in Tallinn right after lunch – convenient times for making many of the time.On board the Baltiskii Express discover different classes and chambers to match all preferences. Travelers takes their unique pick of seat-only carriages, third-class (couchettes in an unbarred carriage), second class (couchettes in a four-person cabin), or first-class (couchettes in a two-person cabin).For the absolute most comfy trip we might recommend picking the next or first class cabin. Each area provides adequate storage space, a lockable doorway, and safe couchettes for you yourself to sit back and relish the journey. New linen are given to each lessons. Additionally there are gender-specific compartments in second-class, suitable for solamente women travellers.Seat-only entry begin from $37, third-class from $60, second-class from $72, and superb from $141. Tickets, rates and schedules can be found throughout the Russian railway internet site.

Just know that those traveling on a freshly released e-visa may well not vacation from Tallinn to St Petersburg via practice.

The most convenient and versatile method of travelling between Tallinn and St Petersburg is through coach. The journey time ranges from 7 – 9 hours, like the line crossing, as well as 2 dozen departures everyday make certain that your way will suit around any itinerary. Vehicles travelling between St Petersburg Bus section and Tallinn Shuttle section, both close to the city heart.The Tallinn – St Petersburg route are offered merely by mentors, perhaps not minibuses, very guests will encounter a cushty journey with an abundance of facilities. The quintessential tourist-friendly agencies for non-Russian speakers include Lux present and Ecolines. Agreeable Lux Express and Ecolines vehicles, people can find WiFi, commodes, power sockets and refreshments, so there are also various chair courses that may be booked.Tickets are extremely inexpensive, ranging from $10-25, and flexible reimbursement procedures accommodate any last-minute arrange changes.For a total day-to-day timetable, entry, and information on amenities and firm, check out Busrader.


If youa€™re travelling on a special occasion or throughout the White Nights, a trip by ferry is an unforgettable skills. The St Peter Line ferry sails from St Petersburg to Tallinn, departing during the early nights: immediate journeys need 14 hours, and indirect trips via Helsinki get 18 hrs. There are a number of departures monthly from belated spring season before end of summer.regrettably, there isn’t an immediate solution within the other course. Those desperate to take a ferry from Tallinn to St Petersburg should be aware that they will best arrive after a 2 or 3 time sail via Stockholm and Helsinki, eventually terminating at St Petersburg.The overnight services from St Petersburg to Tallinn allows travelers to delay while having a relaxing nights before waking up to explore the new urban area. Though agreeable, you may enjoy a sizable range of activities choices like diners and bars, a casino, movies, spa, and aquazone with private pools.Basic cabin prices for two people from St Petersburg to Tallinn begin from $90 in spring and very early summer time, increasing to around $200 during peak travelers period. Multiple-day cruise passes from Tallinn to St Petersburg costs from $170.For the routine of solutions, rates and reservations, visit this great site. Standard details about the travel can be obtained on St Peter Linea€™s websites.

Travellers checking out St Petersburg via ferry can remain for 72hrs visa free, given her rental has become positioned by ferry providers and additionally they go to the town within organised tour groups.

Once you’ve your seats, anticipate a delightful, easy and pleasurable trip through the Russian countryside.