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Simple Breathing Exercise


Breathing plays an important part in stress management. Although we have been breathing since our birth we still can improved it with practice. If our lungs are better oxygenated consequently the general health improves. This means a larger quantity of life-giving oxygen being carried into the blood, carbonic acid gas is got rid of out of the system, benefitting all the organs of the body thereby; lassitude being replaced by a feeling of vigour and general well being.

Where possible, this exercise should be practised, to begin, lying flat on the back, with only a small pillow or book for the head. Start by lying down on your back. Each breath to be taken slowly and gently. Place one hand on the base of the lungs; close the mouth and lips. Take a slow, steady even breath through the nose without the least noise of sniffing. Do not make any voluntary movement beyond this gentle intake of breath. When you breathe in notice the gradual expansion of the entire chest. Notice how the lower ribs move outwards, and the diaphragm moves downwards. Notice how your hand rises up as the lungs fill with air.When you can no longer take air into the lungs without straining a little, open the mouth widely, and let the breath out slowly, steadily and noiselessly.

Repeat this four times in succession; then wait while you mentally count to thirty, breathing in and out gently in your usual manner. This simple exercise will help improve your breathing and will help you to relax.