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Welcome to Psych Consult Belfast

Specialist in Adult ADHD, Autism, Anxiety Disorders, Bipolar Affective Disorder, Depression, PTSD and Schizophrenia

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Dr Tareen is registered with the GMC (GMC no 5204451) and is on the specialist register for General Adult Psychiatry. He is member of the Medical Protection Society. His private practice is based in Malone Medical Chambers, Belfast, Northern Ireland.


Patient Feedback

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Extremely helpful and knowledgeable on my condition
When I call for advice he allows calls back provides this which helps me and my husband.
Since my first appointment in 2016 Dr Tareen has made a significant difference to my life with advice and medication. I am able to meet my goals and achieve more than I had ever anticipated.
All good.
Sometimes his accent can be hard to understand but he has no problem repeating himself.
Ultra professional Dr Tareen is the best psychiatrist I seen in my day. He deserves a pay rise.
He is a brilliant doctor and a very good listener.
Reassuring and professional in work manner.
This doctor has given me a better outlook towards appointments as he listens and includes me in explaining what my next steps are. You don’t feel like just a number you feel valued. he is honest and takes the time in appointments to meet all your needs.
The service is excellent.
Dr Salem Tareen has changed my life. I have a family and able to hold down a relationship.