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Introduction to my Stress Management Course


Welcome to the introduction of my program for managing stress and improving performance. I am Dr Saleem Tareen, consultant psychiatrist. I have been practicing psychiatry for the last 20 years. Over these years I have assessed and treated 1000’s of people who were suffering from stress and other mental health problems. Quite a number of times I come across people who could have avoided reaching that point if they had adopted some ways to manage stress. With this in mind I have packaged together some easy to use stress management techniques.

In this programme we will start with learning good relaxation techniques, which once mastered can be performed discreetly. Stress management increases resilience. As stress can be complex we need different stress relieving exercises. Deep breathing is a good relaxation technique but it cannot be used in certain situations if you are self-conscious and don’t want to bring attention to yourself. Similarly meditation doesn’t work if you are stuck in traffic. We need a toolbox. We also need to develop certain signals or cue’s that can help us connect to our relaxed self, as and when required.These techniques will help to get rid of unwanted body tension. They also help focus, think clearly and improve performance.This course has different exercises. First of all we will work on strategies to manage stress and then we will learn skills to improve performance.

This program has 2 parts with different exercises, which you will be able to do in your own time. I recommend you do it over 2 to 3 weeks period. It is important that you learn and practice some of relaxation techniques to the point that you master them. Once you have mastered them it will be easy to use them in the second part of programme as a tool to improve performance. In second part I will take you through some resources development, self-awareness and some rehearsal exercises. Collectively they will help you improve performance. For some exercises that we will use it is important to learn an essential skill, I call this tap yourself. Please sit comfortably in a chair with both your feet firmly on the ground. Straighten your back and put your hands on your thighs. Now tap your hands on your thighs alternatively. We will call this method tap yourself. This will help you stay focused and whenever I say tap yourself you do this. This is an important technique that you will need to use while doing most of the exercises. For the exercises I will suggest that you set aside 10 minutes when you can sit alone without disruption. You may like to listen them first and then practice while listening for the second time. At times you may like to pause the audio or adjust the speed.

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